New Thing #42: The Remarkable Bean



Don’t let the name of this place fool you. If some intrepid street artist decided to add an “un” to this coffee shop’s sign they’d be doing people a favour.

The Remarkable Bean was doing a brisk business and it’s exterior was littered with local coffee drinkers so I went in expecting something pretty, well, remarkable. Add to it that they roast their own fair trade beans on site and I thought I had lucked into something special as we explored the eastern end of the Beaches.

Unfortunately the espresso was thin, the crema was almost non-existant and I was reminded of my moments of desperation at my old office when I’d settle for a shot from the Second Cup.

I hate saying bad things about a place, and maybe I just got a bad cup, but I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon.



New Thing #38: Jet Fuel Coffee



Jet Fuel Coffee is one of those coffee shops I’ve known of since moving here but never gotten around to visiting. Honestly, I don’t find myself in down Parliament Street all that often and when I used to live in the area I wasn’t into espresso yet. Believe it or not I’ve only been drinking the stuff for a few years now.

I also remember being told that it’s the place where Toronto bike couriers hang out, which might account for all the biking paraphernalia.

I love how unpretentious the place is too. It’s just a place to stop and get a decent caffeine fix in the neighbourhood. And it kills me that the Starbucks across the street was doing more business than them tonight. A shame. 


New Thing #31: ZaZa Espresso Bar



ZaZa is a little espresso joint in the heart of Yorkville (emphasis on little). I didn’t even know it was there until my partner at work mentioned it.

I dropped in after work tonight for a well needed pick me up and ordered a double espresso, short. Soon I was sitting atop a stool enjoying a rich, strong crema topped shot. As an added bonus I didn’t even have to ask for a glass of water with my coffee.

And so begins my journey of trying all the independent espresso shops in Toronto before this whole crazy experiment is done.

In retrospect though, I should have waited until it was a little warmer to try this one. The window seat offers a great people watching view.


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