New Thing #286: Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate



What better way to warm up on a cold winter night than with a cup of Mayan Hot Chocolate form Soma chocolatiers?

Firstly, I’ve never had a proper Mayan style hot chocolate that incorporates chilies into the mix. Secondly, I’ve been told repeatedly that Soma makes the best hot chocolate in Toronto from multiple sources over the years.

And as luck would have it, we strolled right past Soma tonight after a rather enjoyable dinner at Wvrst. We quickly ducked inside and grabbed a couple of drinks to go that wound up keeping us nice and warm on our way to the subway. 

And it was absolutely delicious.

I don’t know how I can have hot chocolate without chilies ever again. Their slight bite was the perfect complement to the sweet, rich chocolate they accompanied. The liquid was smooth and velvety all the way down and the foam on top just gave it that little extra bit of silkiness that it needed.

I think I’ll skip the espresso shops nearby next time I go on a cold day and head straight in for another cup of this sweet hot chocolate instead.


New Thing #195: Eat Kangaroo



Hot on the heels of my visit to Wvrst, we ordered in from there today while we were working offsite. So I took the opportunity to try some kangaroo. In sausage form.

Sure it’s a bit gamey, but it’s full of flavour and as much as I tried, I couldn’t quite decide what kangaroo tastes like. The best I could come up with is that kangaroo tastes, well, like kangaroo. And that’s fine with me, because when someone tells me the weird thing they’re eating tastes like chicken it sure seems like a waste.

Also, the bun wasn’t quite cut through, so it basically came in a pouch. I’m not sure if that’s ironic in the real sense, or the Alanis way, but it humours me.

New Thing #192: Wvrst



Ever since I found out about the German beer hall inspired Wvrst on King West I’ve been looking for an excuse to eat there. Since I was in the area for work today, I grabbed my friend Tom and we headed over for dinner. 

It’s like this place was made just for me. Gourmet sausages (I chose the duck and foie gras), duck fat French Fries, German wiessbier on tap and a beautifully designed open space made for making friends with your neighbour. It might not be run by Germans, but it sure made me feel my German heritage in every bite.

Wvrst is the best.

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