New Thing #223: Goodnight Bar



After a fantastic dinner at Le Select tonight I surprised my wife by taking her to Goodnight Bar.

Well, more like eventually finding the alleyway by which you access Goodnight The throwback to the speak easy that is Goodnight is not easily found.

Once we finally located the door and the reservation was confirmed, we went inside.

I’d heard that this was the place to go in Toronto that took cocktails seriously. That they relished the idea of the perfectly crafted drink using only the best and freshest ingredients. But I also feared the hipster quotient. Was I just going to end up surrounded by twenty-something douchebags?

Thankfully no DB’s were to be found, the bar staff were delightful and they knew their shit. Plus, I had the best whiskey sour of my life.

The reservations only policy might turn some people off, but it does its job. There’s no drunken idiots picking fights, no college kids screaming at each other and, well, you feel like a bit of a badass when you give your name and they let you in the door.

And yes, the drinks are pricey, but worth every penny.

Before tonight The Roof was my favourite bar in Toronto. That’s changed

PS. Photography is not allowed inside the bar so I’m afraid the above pic is the only one you’re going to get.


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