New Thing #353: Salad King



It seems almost blasphemous to have lived in this city as long as I have and never ventured through the doors of Salad King. Even though I didn’t make it to the original location before the building literally collapsed, I’m told that the hallowed food is still the same. And that’s a good thing because it lived up to, if not exceeded, all expectations. 

The golden shrimp curry was delicious, bursting with flavour, hearty (and best of all), affordable. I couldn’t brace myself for the 20 chili option on the heat scale, but I think I did ok with a respectable 7. 

The communal tables were a nice touch and the baskets built into the stools are a great option for storing your bags. The service was quick, the staff polite and the water plentiful. The latter is a very good thing when the chilies come into play.

Since it’s a mere jaunt from work on the TTC, this could easily become a new lunch date venue in the near future. 

All hail the Salad King!



New Thing #276: Ride a New TTC Train



I’ve been trying to hitch a ride on the new TTC subway trains since the day they threw one onto the Yonge Line months ago  As much as I tried though, there was never one waiting at the precise times I’d make it to the platform. There were a couple of instances where I could have caught one if I ran around and over to the opposite platform, but it would have been dicey. 

Lucky for me though, there happened to be one waiting for me when I got off the Bloor Line this morning. I sprinted past a few folks just in time for the gleaming silver doors to close behind me. I stared in amazement at the brightness, cleanliness and roominess that these new cars had to offer. 

I walked the length of the train: if only because I could. Removing the barriers between the trains is brilliant and allowed me to walk as far as I needed to find a comfortable place to sit. The LED signs that tell you what your next stop is are ideal for those times I nod off on the way home. 

Everywhere I turned there seemed to be some pole or handle to grab onto and I never knew how quiet a subway ride could be before. Nary a squeak nor squeal came from the brakes a single time during my ride.  

When I had to remove myself and board an old train back to work it was overwhelming just how poorly lit and showing their age the old fleet is. The noise alone is was enough to make me long for the a full rollout of the new cars. 

They just can’t get more of these trains on the track fast enough for me. At the very least they need to get some running on the Bloor Line so I have more chances to take advantage of this luxury.


New Thing #236: All My Sons



I don’t get out to real theatre performances often anymore. But tonight I had the chance to see my good friend Janice Gibson perform in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”.

I’ve just left the theatre and I feel absolutely gutted. I just want to get home and hug my family. That’s how invested I was with these characters.

I went into this purposely not spoiling anything. It’s refreshing to walk into something completely cold. Without any preconceived notions I was able to be completely overwhelmed by the plot and performances.

Sometimes I feel it’s a gamble when you see community theatre, but the actors did a tremendous job. Just outstanding.

I’m so glad I made it out for this one, even though I’ve just been informed that I got on the wrong bus and am now up at Steeles.

F’n TTC.

New Thing #101: Don Mills Station



Don Mills Station has always seemed like some weird outpost on the outskirts of the Sheppard line to me. That’s probably why I pretty much forgot that it existed until I was commuting back from the Dentist this afternoon.

When I got to Sheppard Station I quickly jumped off the train and headed upstairs to the Sheppard line. About 10 minutes later I hit the end of the line.

After lumbering up a huge set of stairs and taking one of then longest escalators that I’ve encountered on the TTC, I was unceremoniously spit out at the mall that I never remember the name of. That’s not true. I’m pretty sure it’s called “That Mall Where I Got That Ice Cream Cake For Shauna’s Birthday Years Ago”. That sounds about right.

As for the station itself, it’s what I’ve come to expect out of one of the newer or newly renovated locations. Spacious, clean and sporting at least one non-functioning escalator.

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