New Thing #359: Play Zork



Anyone who knows me might be surprised that I’ve never played Zork before. 

Sure I knew about the grandfather of all adventure games back in the day, but while everyone was messing about with MS-DOS, I was busy playing with my TI-99/4A. And that’s why Pirate Adventure is the first, and best, text adventure game I’ll ever played. But I’m sure if Zork were my first I’d be saying the same about it.

What I love about Zork, apart from it being freely available to play online, is just immersive the gameplay is. With just a few white words and simple commands on a black screen I was completely drawn into the underground world of Zork. That’s pretty amazing when you take into account the millions of dollars that are spent today to grab gamers’ attention.

And yes, it didn’t take long for me to get eaten by a Grue.



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