New Thing #362: Attend A TV Pilot Taping



I’m not unaccustomed to video production, but I’ve never attending a broadcast taping before, let alone one for a pilot. Then I got my hands on some tickets for The Tim Steeves Show, a new half hour comedy under consideration for CTV.

For the next two hours I found myself sitting next to my friend Tom on a rather uncomfortable folding chair in The Masonic Temple at Yonge and Church, dying of thirst. But that’s all I can complain about because the show was pretty great.

It’s a mash-up of The Mercer Report and The Daily Show with a bit of Bill Maher style panel discussion in between.

The real star of the show is Tim Steeves himself: the man is a natural on camera. He has charisma, great delivery and is genuinely funny. And I’m usually pretty tough on comedians. Taking into account that Mike Bullard shot his show in the same studio, I think Tim (who’s exponentially funnier than Bullard ever was) should have no trouble getting picked up by the network.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the set: one poorly dressed card table on a riser with some burnt out Christmas lights behind it. I’ve never felt more Canadian.


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