New Thing #180: Maracame Aged Tequila



In an effort to extend my stay in Mexico just a little more I picked up a bottle of Maracame tequila at the Cancun airport today.

The nice man behind the counter agreed that the Gold Patron I was planning on buying was quite good. But he gave me the eye and pointedly stated that it just isn’t Mexican. I felt like I was trying to order a single malt from Japan at The Feathers so I took his recommendation and got the aged Maracame. It really does remind me more of a fine scotch than any tequila I’ve ever had.

This one isn’t going anywhere near a margarita.


New Thing #104: Feather’s Pub



I’m not the world’s biggest Scotch Whiskey aficionado, but I’m no slouch either. So tonight I hiked over to The Feathers with my friend Tom for a drink.

With the largest single malt collection in Toronto I soon found myself paralyzed by choice. The menu is daunting to say the least. The only thing I could do to pare it down was to decide on age. So I figured I’d go for something as old as I am: a 1975 Linkwood cask strength that was out of this world.

And best yet, it’s within walking, I mean stumbling distance home.

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