New Thing #171: The Magic Building



I used to work in the east end of Toronto and quite often I’d notice a strange building just off of Queen on Sumach Street. It’s hard to miss with its distinctive exterior covered in blue paint and yellow stars. The rather barbaric heads that double as colums to the doorway and “The Magic Building” moniker atop them obviously upped the intrigue factor. I had no idea what the building housed and never thought to go in to see for myself. But today I had to work out of there.

A marathon casting session for a spot I’m shooting soon was set up at Jigsaw Casting. They just so happen to run out of the second floor of 60 Sumach Street. I was thrilled to finally get inside the joint, especially since it was a nice surprise to start the day.

As far as the inside goes though, it’s just another converted warehouse. The casting house did have a entire room that used to be a subway car, comple with poles, seats and windows, so maybe it isn’t just like any other converted warehouse after all. Plus the casting agent was just lovely, so it has that going for it too.


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