New Thing #265: Watch Farscape



I’m not exactly sure of the reason why I hadn’t watched Farscape before today. I can definitely say that my whole outlook on the series was completey off though. I thought it was a schlocky, two-bit, low budget production that didn’t take itself seriously. That probably had to do with the giant muppet character that I always associated with the show and might have just been me mixing it up with another sci-fi series that was on at the time. 

It has a bit of a Buck Rogers feel to it, what with the main character getting transported to another point in the universe after a space travel experiment goes awry, and all. The cool thing is that unlike the Star Trek universe, the aliens aren’t relegated to either one bump on their nose or two. They’re really unique and all seem to have an interesting back story to their race.

The ship and weapon designs were also pretty cool and I can’t wait to see what other cool technology this universe has to offer. And since all 88 episodes are available on Netflix I can find out anytime I want.


New Thing #257: iPhone 4S



[Photo taken with old, stupid, outdated iPhone 4 that was awesome up until the moment I got this one.]

I’m being facetious. I love my iPhone 4, but now I love my iPhone 4S more. And for one reason: Siri.

I am continually amazed at how much Star Trek technology has actually infiltrated my life.

First the iPhone gave me a Star Trek communicator in my pocket. Then the iPad became every touch screen interface I’d watch people interact with across the Enterprise. Now Siri is my very own “Computer” that I get to ask anything of.

I just wish they’d managed to emulate Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s voice. And figured out a way for it to make me tea. That’s probably why the iPhone 5 is taking so long.

New Thing #111: Slash Fiction



I heard of about slash fiction years ago: well known fictional characters having romantic interludes together that are in no way endorsed by their creators. Oh, and they’re always gay. 

I could have gone with some Batman and Robin or Luke and Han, but I decided to stick to the classics and read “Spock’s Hot Date”. In some round about way involving an alien planet, quesadillas and horseback riding, Kirk and Spock end up in the shower together.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jim’s chest heaved–partially from the increased heart rate associated with orgasm, partially from disappointed passion. “Then wash me, dammit, so I can hold you, you–wonderful being.”

This is particularly bad, even for fan fiction, yet absolutely entertaining. Although it did raise an interesting question about what happens when someone orgasms during a mind meld. Now, time to see if Riker ever got lucky with Picard! Oh wait, that already exists on Youtube.

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