New Thing #363: Get A Professional Shoe Shine



In retrospect, getting my shoes professionally shined on a sleet filled afternoon might not have been the wisest of decisions. But I’m still glad I did it.

I used to pass by the shoe shine chairs on my way to lunch for years, but never had the nerve to sit down in one. Also, I normally didn’t have shoes that would take a shine in the first place, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it.

But there’s a certain amount of intimidation that goes with those big, elevated leather chairs. And it probably doesn’t help that they’re located in the heart of the financial district and those chairs are usually filled with banker butt.

Thankfully, the shoe shiners couldn’t have been more accommodating. Both of the young ladies were delightful to talk to and my shoe shiner did a fantastic job. My shoes actually turned out looking better today than the day that I bought them.

The whole process felt like a pedicure for my footwear, instead of my feet. They were waxed, rubbed, poked, prodded, scrubbed and even massaged at one point. 

As I expected, shoe shining is a very civilized affair and like the professional shave I got earlier in the year, one that lives outside of today’s hustle and bustle world. Defintely worth the eight bucks, ten with tip.



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