New Thing #356: Japanese Single Malt



I’ve been waiting to try this for quite some time, but I’ve never wanted to take such a finanacial chance on an unproven scotch. Then I found out that you could get this Japanese single malt in 180ml bottles. Sold.

The very idea of a Japanese single malt whisky (not Scotch, they’d string you up in Scotland if you said such a thing) is crazy. And what’s even crazier is that I really, really like it.

I usually tend to like my scotches on the Speyside of things; smooth, fruity and not too peaty. But this 10 year old Yoichi distilled by Nikka Whisky takes what I normally like from that region and adds just enough smokey peat to really really make it shine. It’s still crisp but has a distinctive weight to it as well. It’s the perfect balance for my palate.

I’m extremely impressed with this fine concotion. Now I know exactly what I’ll be bringing to the next installment of Scotch Night.


New Thing #180: Maracame Aged Tequila



In an effort to extend my stay in Mexico just a little more I picked up a bottle of Maracame tequila at the Cancun airport today.

The nice man behind the counter agreed that the Gold Patron I was planning on buying was quite good. But he gave me the eye and pointedly stated that it just isn’t Mexican. I felt like I was trying to order a single malt from Japan at The Feathers so I took his recommendation and got the aged Maracame. It really does remind me more of a fine scotch than any tequila I’ve ever had.

This one isn’t going anywhere near a margarita.

New Thing #66: Barbary Coast Cocktail



It’s been another very long day and I thought a cocktail would be a nice end to my evening. I pulled out my iPad, opened up my cocktail app and found this:

The Barbary Coast Cocktail
1/4 gin
1/4 Scotch whisky
1/4 crème de cacao (white)
1/4 cream
Serve into a highball glass.

It’ll put a few more hairs on my chest (seven, I believe) but after a few sips it is very, very smooth. Me likey a lot.

New Thing #14: Ola Dubh


I don’t have anything more to say that’s not in the video above, except for a big thank you to my wife for giving this to me. My only regret is only having one to enjoy.

[Update] Here’s a link to the fine Ola Dubh.


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