New Thing #120: Bluffer’s Park



After Shauna’s Grandfather’s 95th birthday extravaganza (aka dinner out at the Swiss Chalet) we stopped for a quick jaunt around Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough. 

I had no idea just how expansive a park it is, with beaches, ponds, tons of ducks and geese and some stunning views of the Scarborough Bluffs from below. And one very angry Red Winged Blackbird. What a jerk.

Plus I got to show Audrey how to skip stones for the first time which was particularly fun for me. For the first six years of my life I lived right next to Lake Ontario. I spent much of my time down by the water skipping stones with my own father. I’m still not as good at it as he was, and probably never will be, but I was still the king of skipping to my own daughter tonight. 

And best of all, the running up and down the beach and through the bushes equated to one tuckered out toddler when we got home. No coaxing to bed necessary this evening.

All in all it was the perfect place to watch a sunset with my family tonight.


New Thing #56: Guild Inn Gardens



Since it was such a lovely day today (and my mother-in-law was looking after Audrey) my wife and I braved the wilds of Scarborough to visit Guild Inn Gardens.

It’s a beautiful public park in its own right on the Scarborough Bluffs. What sets it apart is that it houses some rather unique artistry: reclaimed pieces of Toronto architecture. It’s as if chunks of buildings fell from the sky and landed in a forest. 

It’s a reminder of the beauty that Toronto once so publicly displayed before trading it all in for glass and concrete decades ago. It’s also a beautiful walk in the woods that makes you forget that you’re in the city. 

And on a geekier note, it really felt like I was walking through Oblivion’s Cyrodiil in real life, just waiting for an ogre to come rushing out from behind a bush.

This is going to be an amazing place to visit on a warm summer day when the flowers are in bloom and the leaves rustle from the winds off the lake. It really is a treasure of a park.


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