New Thing #127: Mini Train Ride


I got spoiled years ago by attending a Pride Parade party in an apartment overlooking Yonge Street. Ever since then, standing in the hot sun for three hours just hasn’t appealed to me. So now we skip the parade in favour of Family Pride.

There’s always tons of activities for the kids to do and usually some sort of bouncy castle or other kid friendly excitement to be had.

This year the star attraction was a miniature VIA Rail train. And boy did it ever zip around that schoolyard. We zigzagged and spun around in circles at the back of the yard are few times; and not slowly.

My already fragile stomach from last night’s festivities wasn’t too pleased with all the spinning around. But the girls were having a great time and aside from my queasiness I have to admit that I felt like a little kid too.



New Thing #126: Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker


It’s Pride and I ran out of time to do a new thing today. We were about to go on a walkabout when the skies opened up. 

Some fine young fellows (one of which is pictured below) at the bar suggested a Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker. Tequila, Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort.

Yep. That was good.


New Thing #124: Get a Manicure


It’s Pride Weekend here in Toronto, so it seemed like the perfect excuse (and let’s face it) alibi for getting my nails done. Right down to the glittery, ruby red nail polish. They didn’t have enough colours to make a rainbow and that seemed like the second most fabulous choice.

Shauna had me go to Sugarmoon, her favourite salon in the city. They treated me right, not laughing too much at just how foreign the whole process was to me.

Much like getting the professional shave, I didn’t realize how much of a production a manicure is. What with the lotions and the massages and the instruments. Oh how many instruments it takes to shape your nails!

But what a nice, relaxing way to start the long weekend.


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