New Thing #273: See a Burlesque Show



This is why I love Toronto.

Where else could I go to see a geek themed burlesque show where women (and men) perform as great villains from pop-culture.

The Evil League of Sexy put on by the Underground Peepshow might well have been the most fun I have had out in years. 

The performers were smart, sexy and sometimes laugh out loud funny. I came to tears watching a head-to-toe sequinned Freddy Krueger nearly go the Fully Monty.

A magnificent Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (pictured above) tantalized the couple hundred people who filled the Toronto Underground Theatre. An amazing portrayal of GladOS from Portal mesmerized us. An array of science fiction, horror and comic books characters entertained us for hours but for me the Wicked Witch of the West stole the show. By the end of her performance she had completely transformed herself into a flying monkey with pasties twirling at breakneck speeds.

It’s amazing how much sexier a good old fashioned tease is rather than what passes for sexy in a strip club. It’s also amazing how much fun everyone had during the show. It wasn’t sleazy, it wasn’t weird, it was just a huge crowd of people having the fun.

I can’t wait to go to We Put The Spring in Springfield: A Simpson’s Themed Burlesque Show, happening in, of course, Smarch.


New Thing #52: Play Portal 2 Co-Op



The original Portal will always be one of the top ten games I’ve ever played. No other game can make you feel like you’re a complete idiot one moment and a genius the next. And now that Portal 2 has co-op it brings that to completely new level.

The game itself is just oozing with character. The humour and voice acting is almost beyond compare. And Stephen Merchant’s in it, yes, that Stephen Merchant. 

Apart from accidentally crushing my partner in one level we got through the first section fairly unscathed. I’m sure the puzzles are going to become increasingly head banging and become a true test of friendship in later levels though. After you’ve been at it for over an hour without a solution, I’m things are going to get a little tense. I can’t wait though, because it’s that wall you hit that makes the solution that much sweeter.

PS. This is the antithesis of Metal Gear Solid 4

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