New Thing #207: O.Noir



For our ninth wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided to dine in the dark together. The pitch dark actually.

We went to O.Noir, a restaurant in Toronto where you eat without a single bit of light in the dining room. The waiters are blind and, if you order off the menu like I did, your meal is a complete surprise. 

We arrived quite early and had the pleasure of being the only diners for the better part of our meal. Victor, our waiter, was an adept server and the wall next to us was our best friend; what with helping us keep our bearings, and the position of our wine in check.

The food, although not exactly haute cuisine, was good and plenty. Tasting every bite and trying to identify it using everything but my vision was a treat. I nailed my first course (warm roasted vegetables over a spring mix with a balsamic vinegrette) but completely botched the chicken dish I had as my main.

To end the evening I errantly drove my hand through my half eaten choclate mousse after forgetting it was there. Of course there’s nothing saying I wouldn’t have done the same had the lights be on.

All in all it was a great meal, and an experience I’ve defintely never had before.