New Thing #59: Vinyl Wall Art from Surface Collective


My wife and I have been talking about getting some vinyl wall art for the house for literally years now. When a Groupon popped up from Surface Collective we snatched it up and ordered these origami cranes. 

4 1/2 hours, zero dinners and one dead iPhone battery later, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Unfortunately I lost most of the stop motion video when the power drained out of my phone, so you’re really only seeing the fun part of the whole thing.

You can’t CTRL-Z wall layouts so there was a lot of taping and repositioning of cranes before I decided on the design you see in the video. Plus I ended up with thirteen on the wall before Shauna made me add one more to keep our ceiling fan from decapitating us in the night this summer.


New Thing #37: Whiskey Rocks



Hot on the heels of last night’s gin experiment I tried out whiskey rocks for the first time tonight.

The soapstone cubes are meant to chill your scotch without tainting it with melted ice cube water. Which is perfect, because I prefer my single malts slightly chilled at home. So I chose a nice 14 year old Oban to test them out. 

The only downside to the rocks seems to be the fact that you have to wait an entire FIVE MINUTES before drinking. The rocks need that time to have an effect on the temperature. Which, you might understand, is interminable with a nice whiskey sitting there. However, I persevered and was rewarded with exactly what the packaging promised, a slightly chilled drink that goes in cold but warms you up inside.

And bonus points for the lovely packaging.


New Thing #19: Gorilla Tripod


I’ve always thought that these GorillaMobile tripods for the iPhone were some pretty wicked little devices. However, until now I couldn’t justify spending the money on one. But now that I’m shooting videos for this blog I finally bit the bullet and man are they cool.

The fact that I can strap my iPhone or regular point and shoot camera into this rig and get just about any angle for video shooting is amazing. The hardware is rock solid and I feel no qualms about latching it on  to something and walking away.

Maybe it’s the world we live in today, but I am always blown away when something I buy actually performs at the level it advertises itself as. 


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