New Thing #274: Take My Family To The Movies



Although Shauna has taken our little girl off to the movies a couple of times, and we watched Monsters Inc. in the gym at her school, I haven’t actually sat and watched a film together with them in an honest-to-goodness theatre before. Lucky for us, The Muppets came to town.

I’ve been pretty excited to see our fuzzy friends ever since I heard another Muppet movie was in the works. I’ve been more excited to share it with Audrey though.

The Muppet Show was one of my favourite things to look forward to when I was a kid and I was hoping some of that magic might rub off on Audrey.

And I think it did.

Every so often my gaze would drift to the that little body lost in the oversized seat she was sitting in. And every time she’d be popping back a bit of popcorn or sipping on an oversized straw with her eyes locked on Kermit or Miss Piggy. When she got restless she sat on my lap a bit and we watched together. And she laughed at the chickens, so she’s definitely my kid.

All in all, a pretty wonderful experience. And yeah, if you ever liked The Muppets go see this movie, it’ll make you happy.


New Thing #244: Public School Movie Night



Tonight was another one of those new “dad” things for me; the whole family hiked over to the school gymnasium and watched Monsters Inc. together.

It might be that I’ve gotten used to never having a moment’s peace, but I had a terrific time watching the movie even amongst a hundred screaming and restless children. But maybe that’s what made it even better, hearing the little screams at the scary parts quickly followed by deep laughter.

When we got there, Audrey immediately ran off to sit with her school friends, and made me realize just how fast she’s growing up. Shauna and I sat down in the universally uncomfortable grey plastic school issued chairs made for people without circulation to their bums. But they gave us popcorn, so that smoothed things out.

And for a while it was almost like we were out to see a movie on a Friday night again. And a damned good one. I forgot just how great a film Monsters Inc is. And apart from a few minutes of a rather frightening chase scene, Audrey had a great time too. 

I’d include a picture of us all together, but Audrey was very restless, hungry and, well, grumpy as all get out before we could snap anything half cute.

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