New Thing #342: Play Small World



Every few weeks we try to have a nerd game night at work. I managed to stick around for one tonight and played Small World.

The game is sort of a mix of Risk and Magic the Gathering: which is to say that I have no inherent skill in it at all.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty damn fun.

The random powers that you get to modify the character you draw really keeps you on your toes. And the artwork is fantastic. I also love that there are literally four different game boards packed in that are tailored to three, four and five player games.

This was a lot of funeven if my Flying Tritons failed me in the end.


New Thing #181: Play Magic The Gathering



In highschool, while all the other geeks were busy gathering together Magic decks and dueling for their very souls, I focused my energies elsewhere: euchre.

Apart from the game seeming practically inpenetrable to a new player, it would have jeopardized my already minimal chances of ever getting laid even further. So I skipped it and stuck to ruining my OAC Finite Math grade by spending all my time in the caf trying to go alone in spades.

But after playing Munchkin a while back and enjoying that card battling game so much, I thought I’d give Magic a try. I had a few XBox credits lying around and picked up Majic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers. What’s nice about trying the game on a console is that you can’t be judged by the person playing with you. What’s not so nice is how many rules you have to learn yourself in so little an amount of time. I played for a couple of hours and have the basics down, but there’s still so much that I don’t understand. 

But now that I’ve tried it, I wouldn’t mind sitting down with some real people and playing. The creature and spell cards are beautifully illustrated (the one thing that almost pushed me over to playing in highschool) and I love the interaction of playing face-to-face. Plus, I’m married now, so that getting laid bit isn’t as much of a worry.