New Thing #227: Larry The Cable Guy


The above is just a taste of the material that Larry The Cable Guy shat out in front of over 50,000 people for his Tailgate Party album and DVD. I’d link to it, but I’m more considerate than that. 

Nothing about this man is funny, and nothing about him is even remotely intelligent. I listened to an hour of him performing bits about Viagra, farts and Nascar and laughed exactly once at a pretty crude joke he made at Hillary Clinton’s expense. And then I felt a dirty for it.

After recently listening to the brilliant Lenny Bruce and his relentless disection of society it’s disgusting that this man can draw in so, so many people to listen to his drivel.

It almost makes me nostaligic for the good old days of Jeff Foxworthy. Yes, it’s that bad.

UPDATE: I just noticed that this is post #227 which reminded me that 227 is another piece of stupid comedy that is infinitely better than anything that comes out of this idiot’s mouth.


New Thing #214: Listen to Lenny Bruce


A lot of the comics I admire who are more truth tellers than clowns seem to credit Lenny Bruce as an inspiration. I thought it was high time that I finally gave him a listen.

His live, 1962 performance “Dirty Words” seemed like a good place to start. And it I think I was right. It is a pretty definitive representation of his philosophy and style. I wouldn’t call it comedy, it’s more performance art…but not the kind you want to claw your eyes out at after ten minutes.

It’s dark. It’s servere. It’s raw. And the man was ahead of his time to be saying the things he did.

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