New Thing #269: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen



I think I vaguely knew that the terrible League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film was based on a graphic novel. But then again, after seeing that movie I never wanted to think upon the premise again, it was just that bad.

Boy is this comic ever better than that shitty movie.

The idea of pulling together great Victorian era fictional heroes and villains into a ragtag covert government team is too delicious not to like. At least when Sean Connery and bad CGI isn’t involved.

I pretty much just devoured the first series of this tonight. Everything from the art to the writing is befitting the age in which the story takes place. I especially love the extra care that went into including Victorian styled comic book adverts in the back pages of each issue.

I am once again left befuddled at how Hollywood can take such rich source material and bugger it all up for the big screen.


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