New Thing #27: Kimchi


Sitting way in the back of my fridge for a while has been a lonely jar of kimchi, a Korean fermented cabbage product. 

I’ve heard about kimchi for ages, and some morbid curiosity of mine made me pick it up when I saw it in the store. My dad’s German and I love sauerkraut, right? I was wondering if there would be some sort of cross over.

There isn’t.

Above everything else it’s the smell that is the off-putting characteristic of kimchi. It actually has a nice crunch to it that I wasn’t expecting and the taste isn’t as overwhelming as you’d think. It’s sort of spicy, but also sort of fishy. And I don’t particularly like my vegetables to taste of the sea.

It’s hard one to rate, but when I think about whether I’d choose to pry open a jar of it or pickled herring, I’d have to go with the fish. At least it’s supposed to taste that way.



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