New Thing #190:



Diaspora asks the simple question: What happens if you create a social network and no one comes? 

Actually, that’s probably not even close to their mission statement. Unfortunately though, the long awaited “privacy conscious” social network project conceived of by a bunch of university students and funded by Kickstarter seems to be just that. Empty.

The site itself has a lot of great ideas going for it: clean design, no advertising and an easy way to sort people into groups. Posting is easily divided into what you want to be public and what you want to be private. The problem is that the entire site is basically Google+ without the logo. Begging the question, what’s the point?

With Facebook finally caving to a slightly more private philosophy, and Google+ already established I’m afraid that Diaspora is an also-ran. And before ever getting out of the gate, no less.

So, who wants an invite?


New Thing #61: Fund a Kickstarter Project


I love the idea of for funding good ideas thought up by ordinary people. “New Digital Fonts from Rare Letterpress Wood Type” caught my eye today and I thought, what the hey, I’ll give them ten bucks to revive a few beautifully crafted sets of woodtype.

Yes, I’m a type-nerd. I blame a combination of my German design roots and Greg Smith (my very first Art Director who could identify any face at 40 paces) for that. 

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