New Thing #336: Play Pokemon



You’d think that after all these years of playing video games I would have caught a Pokemonor two along the way. But I never saw the allure. Or really understood what the game was all about.

So I went straight to the source and asked my friend Sherry Tang which installment I should throw into my DS to introduce me to the world of Pokemon. So I slotted Pokemon Diamond into place and for the next couple hours I immersed myself in a simplistic, long-winded JRPG.

I understand that the whole phenomenon was always targeted at children, but I figured there must be something exciting going on behind the scenes for all these adults to get caught up in it. But man, was I wrong.

It’s just a regular role playing game where cute little monsters are the weapons you find along the way. You can level up each “weapon”, which is nice, but it all runs so very, very slowly. And everyone wants to talk to you. Everyone.

I’ve never found turned based fighting to be at all engaging, and Pokemon definitely hasn’t changed my position on that. It probably doesn’t help that I’m nearly 60 hours into playing Skyrim at the moment either, which is the type of RPG I can really sink my teeth into.

At least my little monkey…I named him Chimichanga…was cute. And never fainted on me once.

Sorry Sherry. Do I lose geek cred for this one?


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