New Thing #333: Word Wars


I love Scrabble.

In fact, I became rather obsessed with the game some years back after reading Word Freak, which chronicled the lives of tournament level Scrabble players. 

That’s why I had wanted to see Word Wars, which follows some of the same people documented in that book. Unfortunately, it was rather hard to come by back then and it fell off my radar.

But I fired it up through iTunes today and saw all of the dysfunctional, delusional, megalomaniacal behaviour set out on the page brought to life. And although the documentary is pretty trite and not that well produced they did manage to capture all of those things very well. The end moment even managed to stir up some emotion in me as one of the underdogs rose to the top.

Although I did study all the two and three letter words in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary back in the day my skills have definitely gotten rusty. I’m rather intimidated to play in an actual tournament today. But I’m still pretty good competition in Words With Friends if anyone’s ever interested in a game.



New Thing #293: iTunes Match



Ok, I really wanted to have a great new experience using iTunes match tonight, but it would seem my actual new experience would be complete frustration with iTunes match tonight.

Actually, that’s not completely fair, I’m just bummed that it’s been roughly five and a half hours and I’m only about 3/4 of the way through the process of logging all my songs. Granted, there’s nearly 8000 of them, but still, I was hoping this would be a quick and painless process.

Then again, having access to those songs at any time on the go on my phone is pretty damned cool. And it seems to work pretty well, even over 3G; better even than rdio does. I can’t be sure how successful the whole thing is until the entire process is finished and I can see what gaps there are in my library, but for now it seems more than adequate.

Plus I can download all of my lower bitrate “imported” music at 256kb so that’s a pretty damned good bonus for $30.  

New Thing #163: Watch The Jersey Shore



My friend Tom just got back from a vacation in Jersey and all his talk about the Jersey Shore got me thinking I should see what this show is all about. 

So I mixed up a tasty margarita for Shauna and myself and we sat down for 40 minutes of inane debauchery. I found a clip show on iTunes (for free, thank god) that basically ran through all three seasons leading up to this year’s premeire. Wow. Just wow. JWoww.

I don’t care if it’s staged, I don’t care if it’s not. If I want to watch a freak show I’ll take a good old fashioned episode of Hoarders over this any day. At least those crazies usually have a decent vocabulary.

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