New Thing #240: Kaffismi??ja ??slands’ Espresso


Sometimes a random happenstance really works out. 

Take my friend Stuart who recently went to Iceland on vacation. He was busy planning his trip when I came across a blog post by my friend Liz about the best places to get coffee in Reykjavik. So, of course, I passed the link along.

And wouldn’t you know it, Stuart brought me back a bag of Kaffismiðja Íslands’ own blend of beans. What a nice fella that Stuart is.

They’re simply wonderful. Not a hint of bitterness and extremely smooth and silky. If it weren’t so damned far away, this would definitely replace the Intellgentsia variety I usually keep on hand.

And yes, it even beats the beans I roasted myself.



New Thing #20: Roasting Coffee Beans


A day doesn’t often go by that I don’t indulge in at least one latte. Although I’ve never found any interest in brewed coffee, there’s something about espresso that just does it for me. That’s why I’ve always wondered what sort of a difference roasting my own coffee beans would make in the flavour of the espresso I make at home.

I grabbed a bag of Taman Dadar Java from the Merchants of Green Coffee and went to work. I used the popcorn maker method since it seems to do the most even job on the beans according to my research online. It also seemed to be dead nuts simple, which is always a plus for me.

The roasting itself went off without a hitch, but how does it taste? Well, you’ll have to check back tomorrow because they’re supposed to rest for a day before grinding. Sorry. 


What a fantastic way to start the morning. The green beans I’d roasted ground up beautifully, giving off a nice mild aroma. That smell translated wonderfully into a very sweet shot that wasn’t too acidic and really opened up as I drank it.

It might just be that the Intelligentsia beans that I normally use are past their prime but this is the best shot I’ve pulled off my machine in a very long time. And yes, even the crema was more abundant. My machine doesn’t normally produce an aweful lot of the stuff so it’s hard to pick out in the photos attached, but believe me it was more.


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