New Thing #212: Gears of War 3 Beast Mode



I’ve been playing the hell out of Gears of War 3 since it came out last week. Campaign, co-op, Horde mode, everything. Everything that is except the new Beast mode where you get to play as any number of locust creatures battling the humans.

During our forty-five minutes or so of play tonight I got to utterly destroy COGs as, among other things, a friggin’ Berserker. If you’ve every played Gears of War before, you know how awesome that sounds. If you haven’t played Gears of War before, well, take my word for it.

Although it took a little figuring out at first, once we got the hang of it, Beast Mode was great fun. And it’ll end up being even better when there’s more than two of us going up against the enemy.


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