New Thing #338: Guinness Chocolate Float


Beer and dairy aren’t two things that I tend to think mix well. But I couldn’t resist trying a Guinness Chocolate Float after I saw a recipe for one this weekend.

It’s dark, creamy, and delicious. Everything I like about Guinness, but with the added bonus of chocolate ice cream.

I mean, really, how could this possibly be a bad thing?


New Thing #12: The Bishop and the Belcher



How I’ve managed to not enjoy a pint at the Bishop and the Belcher all this time is beyond me. 

This nice little British Pub isn’t even a 10 minute walk from my first apartment and is closer to work than a few of the outlining places I frequent for lunch at work.

The wait staff was friendly, the Guinness was cold and properly poured and most importantly my Bangers & Mash were spot on. Plus they came with caramelized onions, a very nice touch.

Thanks to @steveoftheweb and @itskas for the invite tonight. Follow both of them immediately.


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