New Thing #245: Non-alcoholic Beer


I can’t say that I’m surprised at how lackluster non-alcoholic beer tastes. To quote Billy Bob Thornton: it’s like mashed potatoes without the gravy.

And after a wonderful prime rib dinner it’s a pretty crappy way to end the evening. Luckily I have the real deal on hand as well. Thanks for being there whenever I need you the most Steam Whistle Breweries.


New Thing #142: Blueberry Buck Cocktail



I must once again thank my friend Steve for turning me onto another lovely cocktail. This time the Blueberry Buck, perfect for the fresh blueberries that Shauna brings home from the farmer’s market this time of year.

I would have sampled it sooner had I been able to obtain some Ginger Beer in my end of town this weekend but no one seemed to stock it. As luck would have it though, the Metro near my work had a sale going on today. Armed with my new found soda and the rest of my fresh ingredients I went to work.

Thankfully I own an immersion blender so the muddling work was a simple button press away from being complete. The mint grows in abundance in my back yard and I’m always looking for an excuse to chop a bit down. And the lemon, well let’s just say there was one in my crisper that’s been dying to be juiced for a while. 

I have to say, this just might be the best summer drink I’ve ever had. It’s light. It’s refreshing. It’s (mostly) natural. And it sure is purty to look at. I’m going to go make myself another one. Oh, and I suppose Shauna too, that girl’s alright.