New Thing #238: Eat a Beaver Tail


Before I actually saw one, I figured a Beaver Tail was sort of like a flat funnel cake. I was wrong. Completely wrong.

It big, it’s light, it’s hot and it’s sugary. It’s the perfect treat to warm you up while walking around the capital on a cold, grey afternoon.



New Thing #33: Belgian Waffles


I love funnel cake. They’re right up there with cotton candy as far as things I can’t pass without buying at a fair. I think that’s the main reason that I’ve never had a Belgian Waffle; there’s always a more compelling choice at hand.   

But now it seems like you can’t turn a corner in downtown Toronto without being confronted by a waffle place. So I ducked in and tried a caramel drenched, whip cream topped chunk of freshly cooked dough today.   

Man are those things rich. Too rich for my liking actually. It’s a few hours later now and my stomach is still making it’s displeasure known. 

I think I’ll stick to my tried and true confectionaries in the future. 


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