New Thing #364: Watch Star Wars with my Daughter


I think that every geek dad eagerly awaits the day that he’s able to watch the original Star Wars with his kid for the first time. 

For nearly the past five years I’ve been preconditioning my daughter for just such an occasion. So today (with a big bowl of popcorn as bait), Shauna, Audrey and I watched Episode IV together. And although she might not have seemed as excited on the video, she really liked it. Especially the droids.

We shielded her eyes from the screen during the scary bits: Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s burnt corpses, the interrogation droid, and worst of all the awful sequence that Lucas stuck in with Jabba in Mos Eisley.

Also, we were sure to explain that Han shot first, because if nothing else, we’re responsible parents.

Now I just can’t wait to see her reaction when we watch Empire and Vader tells Luke he’s his father. That’s going to be amazing. I know everyone already knows that, but I still detest spoilers enough to not take the chance.



New Thing #233: Attend a Bar Tending Class



Months after actually purchasing a one time bar tending course from LivingSocial my friend Kathleen and I managed to get our asses in gear and attend a three hour lesson.

The class took place at Empire Lounge, which used to be W.C. Field’s back in the day. Coincidentally it was also Kathleen’s and my local haunt when we worked together at my first real advertising job.

The class was a little overcrowded by people with no professional bar tending ambitions, or any kitchen skills at all for that matter. So our course was running long after just one hands on cocktail making experience.

For the rest of the evening we mostly watched and learned the proper techniques rather than try them for ourselves. Thankfully, we at least got to sample each cocktail he made along the way.

Much like when I took a knife skills class after years of cooking at home I can’t say I learned anything earth shattering tonight. What I did walk away with were some handy techniques that will make my cocktails even better.

Also, I am now armed with the knowledge to convince Shauna that we need a proper citrus press for the kitchen.

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