New Thing #301: The Five Doctors


Every Christmas Eve my wife and I curl up in front of the television to watch some sort of terrible piece of entertainment. It all started with a bootlegged version of The Star Wars Holiday Special some years ago and, well, has only gotten better from there.

This year I wanted to see The Five Doctors, a Doctor Who special from the 80s that (sort of) reunites five incarnations of the Doctor into one storyline. I say sort of because Tom Baker makes about a two minute appearance somewhere near the start and a two second one at the end.

And although not nearly as bad as watcing Bea Arthur serenade an alien in a Star Wars cantina, it was still pretty aweful. 



New Thing #137: Jelly Babies


I love Doctor Who. There. I said it.

Recently I found out that the Jelly Babies that the Doctor used to keep in his pocket weren’t just a slang British term for jellybeans. I knew I had to get my hands on some sooner or later.

As luck would have it, I came across a bag in a candy shop on the Danforth tonight. Wowsers! These things are stupendous!

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