New Thing #153: Read Kingdom Come



Even though I’ve never followed the DC Comic universe very closely my friend Tom insisted that I read Kingdom Come. This seminal book follows a world where Superman’s retired and the new generation of superheros have run amok. When he comes back form his self imposed exile things, well, things don’t go so well.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that Superman isn’t my favourite comic book hearo. He’s not nearly as boring as The Flash, but he’s still pretty bland in my eyes. The only two DC characters I really enjoyed as a kid were Batman and Lobo of all people. 

But reading this book made me wish that I knew the history of every character in this universe because I’m pretty sure every one of them shows up in one panel or another. It’s an unabashedly beautiful looking book and the writing is unrelentengly. Every page is a meticulous painting; every word is filled with weight and meaning. I just wish I knew who more of the damn characters were that I was seeing. 

I’m really glad that I read this one.


New Thing #109: Kick Ass Comic



I saw the movie version of Kick-Ass a while back and really enjoyed it. Especially all the fun Toronto location spotting that comes along with it. But I never got around to reading the comic until today.

I’m only half way through the run but so far I like it even more than the movie adaptation. That’s a little weird to me though, since it seems as though it was a fairly faithful retelling of the story. 

I think it probably has something to do with the artwork. It’s pretty damned amazing to look at.

New Thing #23: Axe Cop



I think I first heard about the comic series Axe Cop a few weeks ago on

It sounded like a great idea: have a 6 year old’s wild imagination provide the story for the comic and his 30 year old brother the artwork.

It makes for one wild ride involving Axe Cop, dinosaurs, “normal cops”, feint bullets, time travel and flying cars. And that’s just the first two pages.

It reminds me of my own four year old’s retelling of her dreams in the morning. SPOILER: They usually involve a loveable unicorn that shoots rainbows from its horn.

The artwork in Axe Cop is great and you honestly never know where the story is going from one panel to another. As the artist and co-creator of the book says:

The creation … was hands on, in person, and tons of fun. Piles of toys and plastic weapons were involved. We painted dinosaur figuringes. We wore aviator sunglasses and ran around the house with plastic axes.

And you feel every bit of that fun and love in each panel of the book.


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