New Thing+ #8: Barchef

I’ve been meaning to visit Barchef for years now, and finally got a chance when my daughter was visiting her Grandmother for the week. It’s like spring break for parents. The first thing that hits you in this molecular gastronomy centric bar is the shear black of it. The entire bar seems to be lit … Continue reading

New Thing #316: Drink A Rickey



I was going through the list of classic cocktails tonight, trying to figure out if there was really anything that I haven’t tried at this point. Only one seemed to float to the top, and that was a Rickey

Sure, they’re usually made with gin, but, as I found out when I went to my cupboard, we’re fresh out. Thanks to Wikipedia though I learned that original Rickey was conceived as a bourbon based drink. Lucky for me I don’t care for the stuff too much so that bottle of Jim Beam we bought a few years ago is still half full. I can’t say for long though.

I think I’ve finally found a drink that takes the hardness out of the bourbon that I find overpowers for my palette. And yes, I’ve tried good bourbons as well. I usually break out the Beam when I need to cook with it.

The lime also sweetens it up a notch. Overall this concoction changes the bourbon into something refreshing rather than something to get through. This is going to make a great hot-summer-day-on-the-back-deck-waiting-to-flip-the-ribs-on-the-grill kinda drink.

New Thing #36: Broker’s Promise



Relatively speaking, I’ve come to appreciate gin rather late in my life. It’s become one of those things I drink on a sunny afternoon when I want to keep things fresh and cheery instead of something I make use of it at home. I’m normally more of a dry vodka martini guy anyway.

But last night my friend (and booze aficionado) Steve, sent me this recipe. This afternoon the ingredients were in my shopping cart.

Broker’s Promise
2 parts Brokers Gin
2 parts Cranberry Juice
1 part lemon-lime soda
2 sliced strawberries

Put strawberries in old fashioned glass. Cover w/ice cubes. Add Gin, cranberry Juice and lemon/lime soda. Stir gently.

I feel a little dirty using Tanqueray gin instead of Broker’s since they’re the ones responsible for creating the drink, but I’ll be sure to pick that up when this bottle runs out.

And after taking one sip of this cocktail I don’t think it’ll be long before it needs replacing.


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