New Thing #150: Car Detailing



I finally decided that I needed to get my car detailed. A year ago. Now, it’s finally happened.

We bought our Honda Fit in 2007, shortly before our daughter was born. Four years, three Christmas trees and seventy-two pounds of goldfish crackers later this sucker is finally clean.

I considered doing it myself, but that meant borrowing a shop vac, renting an apholstry cleaner and generally inhaling chemicals for an entire Saturday afternoon. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be playing video games.

It was pricey, even using a WagJag discount offer, but I think it’s worth it to not have to shake dead pine needles off my ass everytime I get out of my car. And although they weren’t able to completely remove the tree sap from the first tree off our dashboard, I’m willing to look past it. I think the only thing capable of besting that stain now is fire.