New Thing #211: Battlestar Galactica Original Series


Even though the relatively recent remake of Battlestar Galactica is one of my favourite pieces of television ever, the original series was just a little before my time. 

Growing up I remember glimpses of Cylons in their spaceships hidden behind what I always thought were some outer space Venetian blinds. Other than that, my only real contact with the series was my own beloved Cylon Centurian action figure. It’s eye glowed red and even moved back and forth, how cool is that!

What I was most impressed with the by the pilot though was the scale of it. The space battles mostly stand up and the first half was actually pretty thrilling. Then it devolved into melodrama for the second half and Lorne Greene basically sleep-walked through the episode.

I’m also surprised at just how many of the core characters and lore of the universe were incorporated into the remake, but reimagined into a more realistic scenerio. 

And, as Shauna pointed out to me, I now get the joke in the A-Team’s third season opening when the Cylon walks past Face. Good times.


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