New Thing #277: Play PC Games with a Controller



Some of you may have been following my harrorowing experience of installing Windows 7 on my Mac Mini over the past five days. I’m not going to lie to you, there were times that I didn’t think I’d make it. Times that I almost called it quits. Times that I wanted to punch a kitten. But here we are, nearly a week later, and all that frustration was good for something after all.


Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, I could do the same thing on my Mac without installing Windows. True. But the fact is that a lot of Indie game developers still program exclusively for the PC and now I have a computer that’s capable of running them without grinding the entire OS to a halt.

On top of that, I plugged in a USB Xbox Controller and with Steam installed (complete with achievements) it’s like I have a whole new video game console sitting in my kitchen. 

I love my Mac, and would never switch to this aweful operating system, but I will visit when it means that I have access to a whole new subset of games that I’ve been missing out on for years.


New Thing #115: St. Elmo’s Fire



As I was sitting eating a totally excellent sushi dinner with some co-workers tonight “Man In Motion” came on the radio and I realized, as I do whenever I hear that song, that I’ve never actually seen St. Elmo’s Fire.

Three things are abundantly clear having finally sat down to watch it tonight:

1. They really got their money’s worth out of that song
2. If I were a 16 year old girl in 1985 I would have this poster hung on my wall, in my locker and possibly on the ceiling over my bed
3. I am not a 16 year old girl in 1985 and this movie has not aged well at all

Bonus 4th observation: I still hate Andie MacDowell.


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