New Thing #268: Apple Pie Shot



When I mentioned that I had picked up a bottle of ??ubrówka Bison Grass Vodka to my partner today at work, he told me about a shot I should try with the stuff.

So I picked up some pretzels and granny smith apples on the wya home and and poured out an ounce of the spirit.

It sounded simple.

1. Eat the pretzel
2. Down the shot
3. Eat the apple slice
4. Revel in the taste of a piece of freshly baked apple pie

Unfortunatey it tasted like a pretzel followed by a shot of vodka followed by a slice of apple.

Oh well, at least they were all tasty on their own. 


New Thing #263: ??ubr??wka Bison Grass Vodka



Back in the day I used to drink a lot of dry vodka martinis. I still enjoy them on occasion, so I was intrigued by the ??ubrówka Bison Grass Vodka at the LCBO today. With a bit of gift card goodness in my pocket, I splured on a bottle.

I’m glad I did because this unique, earthy, yet sweet flavour really brings personality to a tried and true cocktail. Hints of vanilla and a bit of liquorice really make it interesting.

After working until two in the morning, this is a nice cap to a very long day. Now I think I’ll go pass out on the couch. 

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