New Thing+ #8: Barchef


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I’ve been meaning to visit Barchef for years now, and finally got a chance when my daughter was visiting her Grandmother for the week. It’s like spring break for parents.

The first thing that hits you in this molecular gastronomy centric bar is the shear black of it. The entire bar seems to be lit by candle light and if you get there before the sun has set it has quite a disorienting effect upon arrival.

But as soon as our eyes had adjusted enough to confidently avoid the furniture we sidled up to the bar and had a wonderful evening of cocktails and conversation.

We decided to grab a drink from each section of the menu consisting of sweet and sour drinks, sipping cocktails and the more adveturous molecular variety.

Every drink was unique and you could really taste the combination of home made syrups and bitters in each libation.

My final drink was a martini served three ways that is rather difficult to describe. It was also my fourth rather large drink of the evening, so the details get a little fuzzy. Let’s just say that the final flute was accompanied by olive juice that had been dropped in an alginate bath transforming it into an olive yolk that explodes when it hits your tongue.

So yeah, all pretty fantastic.


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