New Thing+ #7: Pub Trivia



Back in high school I was part of the Reach For The Top trivia team. And no, I didn’t have much of a romantic life in high school, but damn if I couldn’t tell you what S.C.U.B.A. stood for in a second flat. Actually, I owe that one to an old episode of Family Ties.

Over the years I’ve OD’d on Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy, You Don’t Know Jack and any other question and answer game that’s come my way.

So it’s surprising that in my adult life it’s taken me this long to attend a Pub Trivia night. This particular evening was a charity event for Kids Help Phone and I had a blast.

Teams were four people strong and my friends and I stood our ground pretty well for our first time out. We killed just about ever pop culture and entertainment question they threw at us. We knew our way around geography and science. History threw us a bit, but we recovered.

Then we hit sports and consequently rock bottom.

Had it not been for that one category we might have made it into the top three standings which brought prizes along with glory. As it was we ended up fourth place out of twenty-five teams.

And I don’t consider that too shabby at all.


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