New Thing+ #6: Use WiFi On A Plane



This particular new thing probably won’t seem all that special to most people, but man did it just make my day when I stumbled upon wifi on my flight back from Jacksonville, Florida.

It’s not that I dislike flying all that much, but I really, really hate being bored for hours at a time. So when I noticed an off duty pilot surfing Amazon in the seat next to me I got excited.

A few clicks and dollars later and I was posting, surfing and IMing with my wife from thousands of feet above the earth.

Now if only Porter Airlines offered wifi in their planes they would officially be the greatest airline on earth.


New Thing+ #5: Jacksonville Florida



Jacksonville, Florida: I hardly knew ye. And that’s ok.

A whirlwind business trip filled with layovers, bad airport food and little to no sleep left me rather dazed as I made my way through northern Florida.

The saving grace was the weather. I’ll never say a bad thing about sunny and 25° in February.

The thing that did put me off were the big box store complexes. Everything outside of the downtown city core seemed to made up of giant parking lots and retailers. The only thing that reminded me that I wasn’t in some Canadian suburb were the palm trees. And the distinct lack of snow.

But I might just be bitter because I didn’t have the time to use that hotel pool.

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