New Thing #355: Sparkling Sake



I’ve never particularly liked sake of any kind. I’ve also never had a particularly good quality one either, so that might have something to do with it. And I don’t think that quality moniker has really changed after drinking the Zipang Sparkling Sake that I picked up the other day. But damn it if I don’t like the stuff regardless.

The first thing that surprised me is how sweet it is. It isn’t sickly sweet, it more hovers around a riesling in my opinion. The carbonation might be what really sets this apart from the other sakes though. It really bring a light crispness to it that I wasn’t expecting. 

It comes in 250ml non-resealable bottles, suggesting they should be enjoyed like a bottle of beer. But I couldn’t see having more than one of these at a time without getting some serious rot gut.

That being said, it might make a fine thing to experiment with in cocktail making. To the internets!



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