New Thing #347: King Edward Hotel Bar



I love hotel bars. There’s a certain anonymity to them that I really enjoy. There’s never any pretension to them since anyone who stays at the hotel could come down at any time in any state of dress. And you tend to meet interesting people if you’re looking for that kind of thing.

So tonight I finally made my way to the King Edward Hotel lobby bar. I know it’s strange that after all this time living in Toronto that I’ve never been there, but what are you going to do? I’m glad to say that it’s right up there with The Roof bar at the Hyatt, my favourite bar in the city by far.

Sure, it was mostly filled with old folk, but the bartenders really knew their stuff and mixed me up at fantastic martini. 

The decor was straight out of an English country manor even if the staff wasn’t. If I’m not mistaken I was served by a very fine Russian barkeep, which would account for the very fine martini I was served.

If you don’t mind the rather inflated prices that come with hotel lobby bars, I’d suggest checking this one out.




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