New Thing #346: Cook an Egg in an Avocado


Baking an egg in an avocado for a delicious breakfast treat sounds fantastic. And I’m sure it would have been had I used the proper cooking method that mysteriously replaced the one that I had clipped a week ago on Lifehacker.

I just don’t think that 350ºF cuts it for cooking an egg in time without spoiling the avocado. So I used another method I found after my first failed attempt. I instead cooked it in a covered pan over medium heat. In the end it took about ten minutes and I had one smelly, smokey kitchen by the end of it all.

I suppose it would have helped if I had a much larger avocado or smaller egg to make for a better living situation for both the parties, but I just used what I had lying around.

In any case it still tasted ok, although the burnt avocado smoke definitely made its way into the flesh, so that was a little disheartening.

This is a classic case of why internet recipes usually take a few tries before they turn out right.


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