New Thing #332: Make Shrimp Tacos



After coming home sick from work today, and still working from home all afternoon I didn’t think I’d actually be able to make these shrimp tacos for dinner. But I’d gotten the frozen shrimp out of the freezer and really didn’t want to see them go to waste.

I’m glad I did, because these things are dead simple to make and down right delectable.

Not since my trip to Mexico have I had something that tasted this authentic. The flavours melded perfectly together and still turned out light and refreshing. The fresh lime juice squeezed over top just brings it up that perfect notch. It was like I was on the beach all over again.

Protip: Wearing latex gloves when you slice Jalapeños. Because when you have an itch, no matter where, you’ll forget where your hand’s just been.

(Yes, what you’re thinking really did happen to me once, and is therefore intelligible for this blog.)

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself, here’s the recipe I based things off of.


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