New Thing #328: Ribena



I used to work with a British guy who always kept a bottle of Ribena black current concentrate at work. I’d often find him concocting a glass in the kitchen while I went about my own business there. Actually, that’s pretty much all I ever saw of him since he was perpetually glued to his computer screen. I can only imagine that the Ribena is what allowed him to so steadfastly work day-in and day-out, toiling away at his desk. Although I suppose that his being a super talented Art Director might have had something to do with it as well.

After all these years though, I realized that I had never actually tasted this magical elixir for myself. Maybe it’s because it’s hidden away high on the shelf here in North America, or maybe it’s because I never fancied myself a black-current type of a guy. In any case, I think I understand now. This stuff is great.

It’s sweet, but with a bit of sourness to it and a bottle goes a long way. Just two tablespoons of the stuff goes into a glass of water to transform it into something delicious. I think it would make a nice treat for my daughter at dinner as well. Or a nice pick me up in the morning to get those taste buds working.

Matthew May, you’ve made me a believer.



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