New Thing #327: Drink Decaf



So we cracked and got a Nespresso machine of yesterday. Of course the first thing I did was break into the supplied sample pack and drink three different blends. At 9:30pm. I think you can figure out where it went from there.

You see my conundrum after dinner tonight then. I really wanted to play with our new toy, but I didn’t want to have to roll into bed at 1am wide awake.

That’s when I realized that said sampler pack came with a dark, decaf blend. It was a few moments later that I realized I’ve never had a reason to try any decaffeinated brew before.

Since I’ve never liked drip coffee and I normally grab a cappuccino for a morning or afternoon pick me up, it’s just never come up.

Was it good? God, yes. Am I wired from it? Hell no. I honestly don’t think I even noticed a difference in taste.

This was a welcome surprise after all the negative press decaf has gotten over the years. I think I’m going to have to stock some of this for those late night espresso cravings I’m bound to have from now on.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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