New Thing #322: Hot Buttered Rum



I don’t know about you, but when I look at a stick of butter just about the last thing I think is that I should drop it into some rum and make a cocktail with it. But boy is that going to change after having a Hot Buttered Rum tonight.

It probably helps that I started with the wonderful Kraken spiced rum that I got for Christmas which, on its own, is pretty fantastic. But then when you add the spices and brown sugar to the mix it gets even better. Oh, and there’s that whole matter of a couple of tablespoons of butter that melt into a creamy froth when you add the hot water. 

It’s like hot chocolate for adults, which Audrey was rather upset about when she found out she couldn’t have any. Plus, I totally don’t have any clear mugs in my collection, a mistake I tend to rectify poste haste.


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Creative Director and espresso lover.

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