New Thing #319: See an NBA Game Live



I’ve had seeing a Raptor’s game on my list of new things to do since day one. Everyone tells me that if I just see a basketball game live that I’ll understand why everyone loves this stupid game so much.

Well, that didn’t happen.

I’m sure that Toronto vs. Sacramento isn’t exactly the most stellar matchup to introduce me to the sport, but my assertion that basketball is just watching a ball go one way down the court and then back still holds true. It’s just boring to me. 

In hockey there’s tension. Goals have real weight to them. But with basketball you’re always a point or two head or behind, and it seems to just come down to the last five minutes of the game that really matter. 

Sorry mom. Here’s another sport I don’t understand.

(Oh, and thanks to my friend Tom for the tickets…I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for ’em.)


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