New Thing #316: Drink A Rickey



I was going through the list of classic cocktails tonight, trying to figure out if there was really anything that I haven’t tried at this point. Only one seemed to float to the top, and that was a Rickey

Sure, they’re usually made with gin, but, as I found out when I went to my cupboard, we’re fresh out. Thanks to Wikipedia though I learned that original Rickey was conceived as a bourbon based drink. Lucky for me I don’t care for the stuff too much so that bottle of Jim Beam we bought a few years ago is still half full. I can’t say for long though.

I think I’ve finally found a drink that takes the hardness out of the bourbon that I find overpowers for my palette. And yes, I’ve tried good bourbons as well. I usually break out the Beam when I need to cook with it.

The lime also sweetens it up a notch. Overall this concoction changes the bourbon into something refreshing rather than something to get through. This is going to make a great hot-summer-day-on-the-back-deck-waiting-to-flip-the-ribs-on-the-grill kinda drink.


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