New Thing #311: Beat Hazard


There’s two types of games I absolutely adore: dual joystick shooters and music games. Beat Hazard combines the two genres into a beautiful, frenzied cornocopia of awesomeness.

At it’s most basic, the game scans your music library and then offers up level that is specifically built to the song that’s playing. What you end up with are enemies that move, shoot and spawn to the beats of the music. If the song has a particularly hard shredding section the enemies are all over you, but if there’s a quiet interlude they ebb and flow to the rhythm.

Although it’s a little bit easy in the beginning, once you unlock the insane or suicide modes it gets really fun and challenging. Plus, the leveling mechanic has kept me glued to this game almost all afternoon. 

It’s available through Steam for the Mac and PC. If you have either and a gamepad I highly suggest seeking it out.


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